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Wait a minute! Haven't I see Sophia Lucia before? Yes, you have...

Photo credit: Instagram/SophiaLucia5678

How many of you recognized Sophia Lucia on Monday night's broadcast of So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation?

Maybe it was from Dance Moms?

Or Dancing With the Stars?

Or setting a world record on The Ricki Lake Show?

The girl is incredibly talented and I enjoyed her videos this year while she trained for the Youth America Grand Prix with the Master Ballet Academy. Not only can the girl pirouette for days, she also has gorgeous technique.

With some much going on I was a little surprised to see her at the SYTYCD auditions, but then again, the show has been the best launching pad for the next generation of commercial dancers.

Here's my 2013 interview with a baby Sophia at the Revolution Dance Company performance in North Hollywood.

Now do you think she could spare a few Instagram followers and send them my way? 1.5 million — wow!

PROBABLE SPOILER: It looks like Sophia has other plans this summer:

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