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3 Theatre Tours That Are a Must-See for Dance Fans

Over the past year, I've incorporated more travel into my life. It was something I did for years while on the road for Toyota, but I was ready to put down roots for a bit in LA. After swinging the pendulum both ways, I realized that I needed a balance of travel and home to satisfy my wanderlust and my homebody needs.

One thing that I've decided to do on my trips is tour the historic theatres in each city. The venues give you a sneak peek into history and a glimpse of the culture in every location.

When I leave a city, I find that the theatre tour is often one of the highlights of my trip.

Each tour is a little bit different and offers usually a unique perspective. In Copenhagen, I was able to sift through a jungle of tutus for the Royal Danish Ballet. At Radio City Music Hall, where I received a private tour, I stood on the stage and looked out to the 6,015 seats of historic NYC theatre. In Vienna, I saw the rehearsals for the annual Vienna Opera Ball.

These are the small moments that make a trip memorable — in addition to delicious food, making friends and opening new horizons in our minds. Take a look at three venues that offer something special along the way.

Copenhagen: The Royal Danish Theatre/Det Kongelige Teater

This spectacular venue should be high on your list if you visit Denmark. Originally the King of Denmark's personal theatre, the theatre now serves the entire country. While the opera has moved to a newer venue, The Copenhagen Opera House (Operaen), ballet and musical theatre are the staple fare at The Royal Danish Theatre.

The tour took us onstage, in the royal box, in the house of the theatre and backstage to see the sets and wardrobe. Tours are given in both English and Danish, so be sure to check the calendar for tickets and schedule.

New York City: Radio City Music Hall:

New York City has a number of famous venues — Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall and Madison Square Garden, but there's just something special about the Art Deco wonder, Radio City Music Hall. While I received a private tour after the Radio City Christmas Spectacular in December 2019, it's worth noting there are public tours available.

The tours will take you backstage to see the dressing rooms, the hydraulic system that makes the Radio City Christmas Spectacular so visually incredible and some tours you can stand on the stage. Check the schedule because they often have one of the world famous Rockettes on hand for a photo opportunity.

Vienna: Vienna State Opera/Wiener Staatsoper:

This is a popular tour and it is offered in multiple languages throughout the day. In the high season, I recommend buying your tickets ahead of time for both the tour and the opera. The 40-minute tour offers both a look at the orchestra seats and behind the scenes, where you can see that day's performance set.

The highlight of my tour in early February included a glimpse of the debutante couples rehearsing for the Vienna Opera Ball. This event is the highlight of the Viennese Carnival season, so the rehearsal was a fun look at the Austrian elite society. The ball is televised each year and it draws an illustrious international crowd.

As I continue to travel to other cities, I will be sure to add more theatres to this list. Let me know if you have any theatre tour recommendations for me. Hit me up on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.


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