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A Frightful Night of Scores on 'Dancing With the Stars'

Were the judges on Dancing With the Stars watching the same show we were? The over-scoring game was real on Villains Night. It became an evening to watch who the producers want to see in the back four episodes of the season.

One thing that was discussed on last week's DWTS Aftershow with Walker Ragsdale, we talked about trending entertainment news and how it relates to the show. We noted that the average viewer read enough stories about AJ McLean and Chrishell Stause right now. That is a nice incentive for DWTS to keep them around as long as possible because they are probably seeing this popularity reflected in their votes. More press is good press, and it serves as a distraction from all of the negative Tyra Banks articles.

From the moment Monica Aldama finished her Nurse Ratched routine, we knew it was the last night for them. Val Chmerkovskiy knew it, too — it was written all over his face. What was unfair is the fact that a few other contestants had similar technique issues to Monica, but the scores did not reflect that.

The inflation of scores makes it frustrating for the viewer over what they are seeing. Sure, there isn't much difference between an "8" or "9" routine, but there needs to be a jump between a "7" and "9" dance, and we aren't seeing that. Contestants giving us average routines are given exceptional scores. It made Villains Night a ghoulish affair.

With next week diving headfirst into double eliminations and contestants testing their limits with two dances, it's going to be tough to protect the weaker dancers. Will the judges make it obvious who they want in the finale or will the show let the journey naturally play out?

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1 comment

1 Comment

Oct 27, 2020

I feel like the overall judging has been a bit inconsistent, Skai and Johnny both received 10’s a couple of weeks ago and we never saw another 10 until tonight. More so, I feel like we’re at the point in the competition where everyone is so close so they’re typically all getting the same scores. Any dancer would know that some of the dances with the same scores can’t compare; however, non-dancers who watch the show and base their votes on dancing alone may be confused as to who they should vote for. Overall, I hope the judging becomes more consistent as we head towards the finals because the inflation of scores can save couples who maybe shouldn’t be in…

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