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Why Is There No Love For Soap Stars In Recent Seasons On ‘Dancing with The Stars’

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Dancing with the Stars is off to a great start and the cast is receiving mostly positive reviews so far. When I look at the mix of talent, I still see one glaring category that’s missing — soap stars.

ABC has done a fantastic job of keeping athletes, actors, musicians, and young up-and-comers in the mix, but why aren’t they promoting the talent from their one remaining soap on the air, General Hospital?

Other soap stars, who have participated in the show, have represented themselves and their genre well. From Susan Lucci to Aiden Turner, the fans have embraced them. It is time for DWTS to show GH a little love in the future.

We know that DWTS fans are a passionate group, just like soap viewers. It seems a little surprising that ABC hasn’t encouraged this crossover audience by casting one soap actor at least once a year. All My Children star J.R. Martinez’s win in Season 13 with Karina Smirnoff should have been enough for producers to know this is a winning formula.

Here are a few of our favorite dances from soap stars. Maybe it will give producers a little nudge to bring a soap actor back to the show for Season 26 next fall.

J.R. Martinez, Season 13, Rumba 

Kelly Monaco, Season 15, Contemporary

Ingo Rademacher, Season 16, Foxtrot

What soap star would you like to see on ‘Dancing With the Stars?’


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