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How 'World of Dance' Has Impacted the Careers of Dancers

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Season 4 of World of Dance is already in production for a late spring debut on NBC. The dance competition show has changed the careers of dancers and choreographers by giving them a global platform to share their work. 

It introduces the audience to fresh faces while reminding us how legendary some artists are in the industry. However, it's an even playing field for newbies and veterans alike when you're in the house of Jennifer Lopez. 

Along with judges Derek Hough and Ne-Yo, JLo has established a place where she wants to see the acts succeed, but she also wants to see growth from round to round. Those high expectations are placed upon the adult and the junior acts in the competition.

The results are massive for the performers. Win or lose, they find themselves with a bigger audience, new opportunities and a loyal fan base. On a recent To The Pointe episode, Season 3 competitor, Lauren Yakima, said, "Being on the show boosted my whole social media presence and my name in the dance community."

Let's take a look at the impact a run on World of Dance made on these dancers' lives and careers.

Keone & Mari Madrid: While those entrenched in the dance community already knew about the magic of Keone & Mari, Season 1 gave the rest of the world a clue to how special their talent is. The duo is now starring in their Off-Broadway show, Beyond Babel, while raising their daughter, Numah, who was born in July 2019.

Sienna Lalau: Sienna Lalau was a huge part of the magic behind the choreography of The Lab, particularly for their Season 2 win. At the time, she was just 16 years old constructing movement for her peers. The Lab’s co-director, Valerie Ramirez, recognized her talents and pushed her to achieve her goals. K-Pop group, BTS, is now utilizing Sienna's talents for their appearances and videos, making for quite the meteoric rise as a choreographer.  

Charity Anderson & Andrés Peñate: This dynamic duo went all the way to the World Final in Season 2, but that was just the beginning for this pair. Charity has gone on to become one of Derek Hough's dancers on his 2019 tour, and rumor has it, in his upcoming Las Vegas residency. Andrés joined the cast of dancers of Disney +'s High School Musical: The Musical: The SeriesThe duo also teamed up with Derek and Michael Dameski for a piece during Season 3. 

Suresh Mukund: Suresh Mukund's story is one that not only inspires dancers from India, but on a global level. His crew, The Kings, had a storied Season 3 win that eventually led to an Emmy nomination for Suresh. The Kings participated in the World of Dance Live Tour last fall and Suresh signed on to be a mentor on the dance competition show, Dance Plus, in India.

Pasha Pashkov & Daniella Karagach: Pasha & Daniella were a part of the Season 2 cast, where Derek Hough first spotted their talents. Their participation in the show gave Daniella the opportunity to work with Derek on his video, "Natural," and on his 2019 tour. Both Pasha and Daniella joined the cast of Season 28 of Dancing with the Stars, where their technique and charisma made them immediate fan favorites. Both are currently out on the Dancing with the Stars Live Tour.

Whose lives will Season 4 of World of Dance change? We will soon find out.


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