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Let's Celebrate The Good Things About Season 28 on 'Dancing With the Stars'

We are in the last three weeks of Dancing With the Stars and there's been one narrative dominating the headlines since the cast was announced. In reality, there are a lot of good things going on in Season 28 and it's time we shine a light on the bright spots of the season.

Season 28 has been a season of transition where a lot of new ideas were tested, some ideas were brought back and the feeling of change has been in the air. Here's a list of moments, people and things that have stood out to us so far this season.

1. Back to basics: Not every week needs to have a huge theme and Season 28 has proven that the fun is still there even without big sets, a cast of thousands and everything looking like a freestyle. It gives the audience time to watch the season build and catch their breath in-between popular weeks like Disney and Halloween Night.

2. Dance descriptions: We can never get enough of Keo Motesepe and Daniella Karagach, so having the interstitial videos describing the elements of each dance style is fantastic. It gives the audience an idea of what is expected in each dance and what the judges are looking for. This is a great complementary piece to the back-to-basics idea.

3. Cast: ABC's focus was on "bigger stars," which was a bit misleading, but they did deliver more familiar faces. In addition to this element, the cast, as a whole, is a group of charming, likable and hard-working contestants. It's one of the few times every contestant feels genuinely grateful to be there and is enjoying the experience. That's a win in my book.

4. New pros: Keeping the pro roster fresh is important to keep the creativity flowing. It's been a long time since we've seen completely new faces on the show, so the addition of Pasha Pashkov and Daniella has been downright wonderful. They are both delivering energy that is infectious and their world-class talent has pushed the veteran pros to up their game on the ballroom floor.

5. Outside choreographers: With Mandy Moore moving over to NBC, it's fantastic that DWTS has invited outside choreographers to create the opening numbers during theme weeks. It allows the pros an opportunity to work with major dance industry players while giving the choreographers a chance to see how talented the DWTS crew is.

With only three weeks left, what has been your favorite element to Season 28 so far? Chime in with your ideas in our Dance Dish Facebook group or on Twitter.


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