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Why I'm watching 'SYTYCD: The Next Generation' this season

Photo credit: Adam Rose/FOX

I know many of you exited out of SYTYCD: The Next Generation the moment you heard about the 8-13-year-old age range. I'll admit I rolled my eyes more than once when I realized we were getting a junior version of my beloved summer show.

The first episode didn't give us one whiff of Dance Moms, so I exhaled and got excited because SYTYCD: The Next Generation is bringing three things to the table that are so desperately needed in the dance landscape right now — I'm calling it the three Bs.

1. Ballroom: Come on, admit it. You missed having a ballroom contestant in the mix in Season 12. I sure did. This season promises to deliver some young dancers who not only can Cha-cha, they are bringing us some pure ballroom dance.

I've seen even hybrid ballroom dances on Dancing With the Stars the last few seasons to last me a lifetime. So I'm going to thank Nigel Lythgoe for delivering Jenna Johnson, Jonathan Platero and Paul Karmiryan as All Stars this season.

2. Ballet: Strap on those pointe shoes, we are getting some real ballet in the mix again, too. I am all for a good contemporary dancer, but watching anyone with classical technique makes my heart soar. I don't know how these kids will fare beyond The Academy, but I am glad to see the judges are recognizing the importance of all types of dance.

3. Balls: Yes, I said balls. The wonderful thing about using kids under the age of 18 is that they are honest and unfiltered. They have no fear about saying something that will make them look stupid or to appease producers.

They have the balls to say what is on their minds and that is going to make for some refreshing packages this season. So bring on the unflustered and unfettered minds of these contestants, I am looking forward to it.

What did you think of the first episode of SYTYCD: The Next Generation... are you in or are you out?

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