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Is Tate McRae in the Top 10 of 'SYTYCD: The Next Generation'?

Photo credit: Instagram/Tate McRae/Chris Reilly Photography

When auditions for Season 13 of SYTYCD: The Next Generation happened last spring, the two names that I kept hearing were Sophia Lucia and Tate McRae. I gave you the lowdown on Sophia last week, but I am pretty curious about Tate. I have a feeling we will be seeing her in the Top 10 this season. (Unless you have any conflicting info on this, then email me here.)

UPDATE: Well, that was quick. A source got back to me and confirmed that Sophia is not in the Top 10, but Tate is one of our Top 10 contestants. Nine more to go...

UPDATE #2: It looks like we have our first pairing! If Tate is in the Top 10, then Kathryn McCormick is her All Star partner. Now THAT is a stellar duo.

1. The Academy

We know she makes it to The Academy because FOX released a promo with her killing it in front of the All Stars. It's a gorgeous solo with stunning lines.

2. Nuvo Dance Convention

She was their 2015 Best Female Dancer in the Junior Division and guess who she beat? Yep, Maddie Ziegler, placed 4th that year. Nuvo is stacked with current SYTYCD choreographers, including Stacey Tookey, Ray Leeper, Travis Wall, Mandy Moore, Sonya Tayeh, Al Blackstone, tWitch, Anthony Morigerato as well as former contestants and choreographers.

3. Capezio

She, like Maddie and Sophia, is a Capezio-sponsored athlete. They have their fingers on the pulse of talented young dancers, so Tate is in great company.

We know Maddie is judging and it looks like Sophia is prepping for the Varna IBC Ballet competition, so does that leave Tate in the mix for the Top 10? I would be surprised if she doesn't make it to the Top 10 live shows.

What do you think? Will we see Tate in the Top 10 0f SYTYCD: The Next Generation?

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