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Why A 'SYTYCD' Interview With This 'DWTS' Star Makes More Sense Now

With the last 10 days of the year upon us, I thought I would take a look back at my Top 10 interviews of 2016. It has been an interesting year since my dance coverage changed from critique and insight to more frequent and personal coverage. It's been a great shift for me since I've been able to gather in closer to the dance community and they kindly welcomed me to the fold.

This late-summer story was a fascinating one with the way it unfolded. Mark Ballas was reportedly a part of Season 23 of Dancing With the Stars and then suddenly, he was out. I don't think anyone expected his turn on Broadway in Jersey Boys, so the casting news was a wonderful surprise.

It's been an incredible year for Mark and it's fun now to look back on my Dance Network interview with him backstage at So You Think You Can Dance. At this point, he knew he wasn't returning to DWTS even though he was coy about it and that hair sure does look a little Frankie Valli, doesn't it?

I know everyone is wondering what Mark will do next once Jersey Boys closes on Jan. 15. If you listen carefully to my BC Jean interview, she gives a few clues as to what the next steps are in 2017.

Wherever he winds up, I think Mark has found a level of creativity and success in career that is truly making him happy. That is what every artist strives for.

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