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How Quest Crew Selected Their Emmys Submissions

Steve Terada from Quest Crew

I've been working on getting members of Quest Crew on the show for quite a while. I first encountered them during the Emmys 2015-2016 cycle because they were nominated for America's Best Dance Crew. After catching up with Hok Konishi again at this year's Emmys Nominee Reception, I thought they would be a perfect fit for To The Pointe.

Here is some of the behind-the-scenes scoop for Episode 32 of To The Pointe with Steve Terada from Quest Crew.

1. Guests: We started out with four crew members and wound up with one — that's the fluid nature of the entertainment industry. I had booked the guys well in advance with their manager/lawyer — and Steve's sister — Andi Terada. By the time our shoot day rolled around, only Steve was left.

2. Emmys: This is a really fascinating topic if you are truly interested in the whole Emmys process. Steve went through how they selected certain dances and how ABDC supported them. It's not as simple as you think. This will really give you an idea of how it begins on the front end before the nominations process.

3. Reality-show contracts: I'm thinking about doing an in-depth article on this, but Steve and I talked about this topic on and off-camera. He talked about how complex they are and gave us some insight on how Quest Crew handled it. It also gives all of us a better understanding as to why some contestants aren't able to appear on other shows. In fact, this is happening right now with dancers when it comes to World of Dance and America's Got Talent.

If you want to hear more about these contracts and how they work, let me know on Twitter. I would love to hear your questions about the topic. If there's enough interest, I will do an article about it soon.

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