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The One Risk Joy Womack Isn't Willing To Take

Joy Womack

Having Joy Womack on To The Pointe was really an amazing "get" as a guest. She came to me via her manager Jerry Silverhardt, who produced All The Right Moves with Travis Wall, Nick Lazzarini, Kyle Robinson and Teddy Forance. I was introduced to him by fellow AfterBuzz TV host, Yael Tygiel, so you can see how connections can often play a big part in booking a guest.

Here are three things you should know about this episode of To The Pointe:

1. First ballet guest: It's about time I invited a guest from the ballet world on the show — especially with a name like To The Pointe! For anyone who has studied the art seriously, you know how complex it is, both emotionally and physically. I hope to delve more into the ballet world in 2018.

2. The realities of ballet: This was a frank and honest discussion about what is happening in the ballet world — both good and bad. It was great to see Joy have a strong point of view about what could be improved and what is starting to change. Dancers are some of the toughest athletes out there and just listening to her stories really proves that theory.

3. Politics: As an American dancer who was working professionally in Russia, Joy told me that she could feel the current climate between the two countries. We did not talk about it on camera because it's important for her to maintain a good relationship on both sides of the world as she plans to continue to work in Russia in the future.

I also posed a question about a hot topic I want to cover soon because I think you guys would get a better understanding of why we don't see dancers crossover to more shows...but I need your feedback! Head on over here and check out the last paragraph of my Steve Terada/Quest Crew article, then hit me up on Twitter with your ideas.

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