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5 Reasons Why We Love Sean Lew & Kaycee Rice


Photo credit: Justin Lubin/NBC.

With Season 3 of World of Dance just around the corner, it's a good time to remind everyone of some of the best acts from Season 2. If you've been keyed into Instagram and YouTube, you knew all about Sean Lew and Kaycee Rice long before Season 2 of World of Dance. The good news is that they got a fantastic introduction from the show to a mass audience.

As one of our favorite acts on the show, they consistently delivered memorable dances all the way through the Divisional Final. Let's take a look at why we continue to appreciate them as a dance duo.


It's really incredible to see how developed their artistry is at such a young age. Sean is 17 years old and Kaycee is 16 years old, not many dancers can say that they have such a mature sense of movement at that age. It is impressive.

If you watched their Divisional Final dance, watch the mirrored movement they execute. That's not easy to do, but it also shows you how in tune they are with each other as artists.


When you get to work with one of your best friends? That's pretty amazing. They bounce ideas off of each other when working on their latest piece, but they also take the time to have fun together.


This dynamic duo is regularly spreading their wings and working with other artists — and they've done this for years. Whether it is working with Emmy Award-winning choreographer Tessandra Chavez, Tricia Miranda or Willdabeast & Janelle Ginestra, Sean & Kaycee are doing a great job of learning from their mentors.

Original Bird Box Challenge:

They were way ahead of Sandra Bullock and the #BirdBoxChallenge curve. Just call them trendsetters.

The best fans:

Sean & Kaycee set a great example as role models and their fans are just as kind. They post all of their interviews, share links, videos and photos and reflect the same values that Sean & Kaycee hold. That's a good group to belong to.

What are some of the reasons you love Sean & Kaycee? Share with us on Twitter or Instagram. To join our private Facebook group, Dance Dish with KB, click here.

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