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5 Dance Influencers Who Are Changing the Fitness Game

There once was a time when dance and fitness were two different things — one was an art and the other was a sport. Now that dancers are being recognized as artists and as athletes, the game has changed. Dancers are now being seen as fitness influencers in their own right.

Dancers have also changed their workout routine from just a technique class to incorporating Pilates, yoga, cross-training, Gyrotonics, cardio and weight training. It's a huge shift in the ideals of what a dancer's body looks like. Dance is for everybody and every body.

Let's take a look at some of the female dance influencers who have made their mark on social media and partnered up with major athletic brands. Not only does this give artists recognition for their hard work, but it also brings corporate money to the arts.

1. Kaycee Rice:

Kaycee has made a significant mark on the dance world for her work with Sean Lew. They had a successful run on Season 2 of World of Dance, but it was Nike who saw her value as a Nike Imaginair. In 2017, she created a shoe with the brand. Sean even teamed up with Kacyee to direct the video debuting her creation.

2. Amanda LaCount:

Amanda LaCount is well known for her hashtag #breakingthestereotype™, which promotes body positivity through dance. She's helping wipe away decades of beliefs that a dancer has to be tall and thin. Her philosophy is "If you love it, do it. It's as simple as that."

She's performed with artists like Lizzo, Meghan Trainor and Keala Settle, but she has also been a Certified Zumba Instructor since July 2018. This partnership allows her to spread her message around the world to dance professionals and dance enthusiasts.

3. Meagan Kong:

Meagan Kong is known for her work on Hit The Floor, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and The Morning Show. She's also danced for artists like Beyoncé, JLo and Rihanna, but it's her passion away from the job that has gotten her a lot of recognition.

Kong Fit Club became a way for her to connect her love for dance with fitness since staying in shape is a key component of her career. Adidas recognized her talents and she has been a Global Ambassador for the company since 2016. As a result, her fitness club has expanded its membership and inspired many people to get up and move.

4. Misty Copeland:

Besides breaking down barriers in the ballet world, Misty Copeland has become a leader in marrying art and commerce. She's successfully navigated fame beyond the insular ballet community and inspired women from all generations and backgrounds.

Her Misty Copeland Signature Collection with Under Armour always keeps women feeling comfortable and confident with the designs she helps to create. An integral part of her line is creating pieces for all body types since Misty was told she didn't have the right body for ballet. She's proven the critics wrong.

5. Mia Mugavero:

At just 16 years old, Mia Mugavero has proven to be a leader in the urban dance community. She competed on Season 3 of World of Dance with her friend, Audrey Lane-Parlow as a krumping team. Her message of empowerment for young women and persevering through tough times made her the perfect brand ambassador for PUMA.

Their #DoYou campaign became the perfect place for Mia to showcase her artistry and her individuality on the dance scene. It's also proof that street style and performance go hand-in-hand in today's world and she exemplifies how talent, hard work and strength can influence an entire generation.



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