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After Week 1, Here's What the 'Dancing With the Stars' Audience is Thinking

After a year away, Dancing With the Stars premiered with ratings slightly up over the previous year. That's good news for ABC and it's highly likely that the casting of Sean Spicer, along with a ruffled lime green shirt, helped boost the curiosity factor.

Can the show sustain these numbers, though? The rise in ratings was only four percent and that can be tough to sustain throughout the season. At the minimum, DWTS will want to remain steady with last year's numbers, especially after so much effort was put into casting more familiar faces, a refreshed set and a new voting system.

The live voting element will be put into place on Monday, Sept. 23 with the Eastern and Central time zones able to watch and vote via text and the ABC app during the show. For Mountain and Pacific time zones, you can vote, but they can't see the dances. It's an imperfect system that is bound to draw controversy as the season continues.

ABC is also promising a format game-changer on Monday as well. Fans have speculated that a Judges' Save might be implemented, which might help quell the complaints that the show has become a popularity contest with the stronger dancer going home too soon.

To gauge where DWTS fans' heads are at during this early point in the season, a look at Google Trends over the last week shows both the Top and Rising Queries about the show. There's no surprise that Sailor Brinkley-Cook has been Googled quite a bit after she replaced her mom, Christie Brinkley, due to injury.

Otherwise, athletes Ray Lewis and Lamar Odom, actor James Van Der Beek, Bachelorette Hannah Brown and Spicer are drawing the most attention. Surprisingly, none of the singers, Mary Wilson, Lauren Alaina nor Ally Brooke is mentioned here, but don't underestimate the country music nor the Fifth Harmony fanbase.

The only other entry that piqued our curiosity was the rising topic of Alan Bersten's dating situation. It looks like a few audience members are wondering if another showmance with the available Brown might be a possibility.

Let's hope not.

'Dancing With the Stars' next airs on Monday, Sept. 23 on ABC.


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