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Bash Johnson: How To Weather Through COVID-19 With A Positive Mindset

Choreographer Bash Johnson isn't letting the current self-distancing situation with COVID-19 in the entertainment industry bring him down. He's taking the time to work on the business side of show business.

Johnson appeared remotely on To The Pointe with Kristyn Burtt to share some of his strategies with fellow artists.

"One thing that is so important to me is my website. I definitely want to finish my website. Second of all, I want to revamp my choreography reel," said Johnson. "I have so much footage in the last 12 months that's not on there... those are the main things I want to work on."

Besides making sure his materials are up to speed, the choreographer wants to also keep his body sharp and ready to go when things start to get back to normal.

"I'm going to put a workout video on Netflix. Keep my body right and tight. I'm going to definitely try to not binge on fatty foods in the house. It's all about appearance, you have to keep yourself up," he advised.

The other important aspect to this down time is mental health. Johnson had some wise words about this crucial part of staying in shape.

"Meditate. Be prepared. Affirmations," he revealed. "I am very spiritual so when it comes to keeping your well-being, your mental state has to be right, too. I really believe in meditating and focusing on the good more than the bad."

His final bit of advice? Stay motivated and remember that the hustle is on you, not your agent.

"We do have agents,but you also have to put in your work to be ready to be booked and make your agent's job easier," he summed up.


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