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A Game-Changing Career Move That Every Dancer Should Make

thank you note
Photo credit: Aaron Burden aaronburden, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons.

In a new year and a changing job market, artists in the entertainment industry are often looking for ways to level up their business strategy. While there are plenty of ways to use technology to amplify and market your skills, sometimes doing things a little old-fashioned and unexpected can actually be refreshing in 2023. So, hear us out on the is one: handwritten thank you notes for business.

It may sound absolutely crazy to write a thank you note when you can text, email, or DM a casting director or choreographer, but sometimes a personal touch is much more meaningful and memorable. It takes a bit more time and effort to grab a card, stick it in an envelope, buy stamps at the post office, and send it off in the mailbox — but it’s so rare to get anything fun in the mail except for flyers and bills. You are likely to get a very positive reaction from something that will take you 10 minutes or less once you have your supplies on hand.

dancers onstage
Photo credit: Sujeong11, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

If you’re worried about how to get started with this career-changing habit, we have a few tips to get you up and running:

1. Think About Your Brand:

If you’re a dancer, perhaps use an image on your cards that signifies music or movement… or a drawing of your favorite theater… or a poster from a Broadway show. You can really get creative here, so have some fun with your artistic choices and get to work.

2. Think About What You Want to Say:

The obvious rules apply here — keep it professional and brief but add a little personal flair. You can remind a choreographer about how you appreciated their audition feedback or tell a director that you loved the last show they helmed — a quick mention that you are familiar with another artist’s work is always a lovely touch.

3. Follow Up:

We aren’t talking about following up a week later and asking, “Did I get the job?” — that would be annoying and unprofessional. This is about keeping a running list of creatives who are working in the entertainment industry — a list of artists who you can follow up with when you book a big job or send holiday greetings as a reminder that you are out there pursuing your dreams (and will, hopefully, work with one day). That personal touch might keep you at the top of someone’s mind that next time they are casting a major project — you never know!

So, get out there and get back to the old-school tradition of writing a thank you note. Have a pack of cards, a pen, and stamps ready to go in your business bag of tricks because people enjoy working with those who are thoughtful and fun to be around. While a thank you card may seem small — it makes a big impact and one that could be a game-changer for your career just because you bothered to show your gratitude in a really simple, but special, way.

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