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Why 'Dancing With the Stars' Van Der Beeked Two Couples

Let's be honest, Nelly was always going to the Dancing With the Stars finale. We knew this, for sure, last week when he didn't appear in the bottom yet again. He's likable, charming and has a fan base that is voting strong for him every week.

Once DWTS announced that the double elimination was in place for the Semifinals, viewers should have been prepared that two couples were going to get Van Der Beeked. After Season 28's shocking elimination in the Semifinals, getting Van Der Beeked is an official verb.

In that case, it was easy for the show to eliminate the two remaining couples who had already appeared in the bottom after a few roller coaster season. That doesn't mean the work they did wasn't excellent — it was. Skai Jackson and Johnny Weir were both so good we wanted to see them sail into the finale. Yet how were they going to do it when Nelly was a sure bet, and Nev Schulman and Justina Machado hadn't faltered once?

Their one slight chance to move into the finale might have occurred if Kaitlyn Bristowe faltered in the Semifinals, but she was riding high after a stunning Argentine Tango last week. Maybe there would have been more room had her Week 9 looked her tougher weeks when Carrie Ann Inaba was throwing jabs at the former Bachelorette? But Bristowe was never in the bottom either, and Bachelor Nation always roots for the home team.

As we move into the finale next week, remember Season 27. The best dancer doesn't always win, sometimes the most popular dancer does. We will see some incredible freestyles next week from all four contestants, but that Mirrorball Trophy might go home with the most unexpected dancer of them all.

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Nov 17, 2020

I could tell that Nelly worked hard this week. He actually was on the balls of his feet sometimes. He kind of kicked and flicked.... and Bruno didn't say a word about how weak they were. 10? In what universe? Maybe an 8. The judges could have helped the scenario if they hadn't had a total 10 Fest for the second dances. When Nelly got his perfect score, I knew we'd be seeing him in the Finale. The good news is that, if he wins this thing, he's a much better dancer than Bobby Bones. Not saying much, but it's the truth.


Nov 17, 2020

And let’s talk about Nelly’s jive getting a perfect score when in reality it was a 24 at best. Almost as ridiculous as Bobby Bones’ freestyle getting a perfect score.

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