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Dean Banowetz Reveals Styling Secrets Behind 'DWTS,' 'SYTYCD' & 'World of Dance'

In honor of the Season 4 premiere of World of Dance on NBC, Dance Dish is releasing an exclusive interview with the "Hollywood Hair Guy," Dean Banowetz. He's a five-time Emmy-nominated stylist for World of Dance, Grease:Live, Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance.

He was on set with World of Dance as they got word that they would have to shut down by the end of the week due to COVID-19. It's an unprecedented time in Hollywood and Banowetz gives us his perspective of what it was like at that moment.

Banowetz also brings props to this interview! He shares how he styles hair for dance, why he loves Derek Hough and gives us a small glimpse inside his workshop. It's an interview that is really special for any dance fan.

This interview was originally released on Patreon on May 26, 2020. To see other exclusive interviews, join us on Patreon:

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