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The Secrets To Debbie Allen's Success & "Kicking Butt" At Any Age

Debbie Allen is 70 years old, but you would never know it. Right after our interview, she was heading to the Grey's Anatomy set to direct an episode for the upcoming fall season. She's here to remind all of us that there are plenty of artists "kicking butt" in the entertainment industry and that we all need to be acknowledging the work of these successful veteran creatives.

In addition to Grey's Anatomy, Allen directed the upcoming Netflix film, Christmas on the Square, with Dolly Parton and she's preparing a drive-in production with the Debbie Allen Dance Academy. Allen isn't slowing down one bit.

Find out her secrets to success, her favorite role as a grandmother and how she's celebrating Grandparents Day this year.

Before you go, check out our interview with Chloe and Maud Arnold. They talk about the impact Debbie Allen had on their careers.



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