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Did Bobby Bones Reveal a Big 'Dancing With the Stars' Surprise?

Dancing With the Stars fans are accustomed to the fall season of the series having 13 celebrities. This year, 12 celebrities were announced. On Tuesday, a new interview with Season 27 Mirrorball champion Bobby Bones turned that whole idea upside down. Is there a 13th celebrity?

Dance Dish has to take you back to last week before we get to Bobby's comment. On To The Pointe last Tuesday, Keo Motsepe appeared on the show. He was supposed to be in the studio with us, but at the last minute, was sent out of town by the show. He appeared via Skype and explained his role on DWTS for Season 28.

"I know I'm on the show, but I don't know what I'm doing. I kind of feel like if anything happens [to another pro, I will fill in] and I'll be in opening numbers, I'll be performing on the show," he laughed. "This season is full of surprises."

When pressed on the possibility that he might be the pro with the 13th celeb, he strategically redirected the answer.

"This season is going to be booming. It's already booming. It's already on fire with everything... in a good way because anything with Dancing With the Stars can happen," Keo revealed. "I like the show, Dancing With the Stars, because it keeps people on their toes and that's why I love it. Be prepared for anything."

From social media posts, it's been quite clear that Keo is in Nashville, Tennessee along with fellow pro Gleb Savchenko and a quick stop over the weekend by Sasha Farber. They were working with their rumored celebs, Lauren Alaina, who lives in the area, and Ally Brooke, who had an event there last weekend.

That brings us back to Bobby. While talking to ET Online about the backlash he received for winning last year, he dropped a big clue about another contestant being announced.

"I have the mirrorball, they can't take the actual mirrorball," he joked. "And who knows, I may come back. They haven't said who the mystery dancer is yet."

Did he just spoil ABC's big surprise? It sure looks that way given the fact that he has a track record for revealing show secrets. Given the fact that Keo is in Nashville, it also backs up Bobby's possible theory because the city is his home turf.

While the mystery will be unlocked on Monday, it looks like the clues have been right in front of us all along. It’s time to get sleuthing, DWTS fans!


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