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Gabe De Guzman Reveals His Next TV Dance Show

A new dance movie is out this week, To The Beat! Back 2 School. Returning to her role as Mia is Laura Krystine and joining the cast for the sequel is Club Mickey Mouse veteran, Gabe De Guzman as Logan. The duo joined To The Pointe in the studio this week where Gabe revealed he has another dance show in the works.

The big question for Gabe was whether he would do World of Dance or So You Think You Can Dance. At 19 years old, he's age-eligible for the FOX dance competition show.

"I was competing on World of Dance, Season 1 with Boys of Temecula. Personally, for me, reality shows are a hard thing for me to go through," Gabe said. "Definitely, in the future, I would like to go for So You Think. They asked me to audition. The year they asked me to audition was the year of my senior year and I kind of wanted to finish."

That doesn't mean the door has closed for Gabe to do So You Think You Can Dance.

"I'll give it a little bit of a wait, but we're definitely going to get into it, I think," revealed Gabe.

Gabe doesn't have time to audition for Season 17, so fans will have to wait for next season. This spring, he has some big international plans.

"I'm heading to Australia. I'm going there to teach a couple of workshops, and then right after that, I'm headed to London to film a Netflix project," he said. I don't have many details that I can tell you about, but it will be up and coming."

When pushed for some inside scoop, he gave away a few tidbits to look forward to.

"It's based around choreographers and dancers, it's a new reality show that they're gonna try," he teased. "There's 50 U.K. dancers and 10 select dancers from the U.S."

To The Beat! Back 2 School is now available on all VOD platforms and DVD.


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