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Holiday Gift Guide for Dancers & Dance Enthusiasts

holiday gift guide for dancers

The holidays are here and it's time to start thinking about those gifts for the dancer or dance enthusiast in your life. Dance Dish Media has created a comprehensive list of gift ideas for everyone who loves dance — from preschoolers to adults! The guide currently has 51 (and growing!) suggestions for you. If you have a Dancing With the Stars fan in your house, you can always go back to our Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the 'Dancing with the Stars' Fan for inspiration.

In 2020, many of you asked for suggestions in four specific categories — ballroom fans, ballet lovers, kids and dance fitness ideas. We came up with a list in each of these areas to hopefully help make your holiday shopping even easier this year. Everything is available online since in-person shopping is a challenge with COVID-19 safety protocols. This guide is from major retailers, but we will also do a guide for small business owners. Look for that list on Dance Dish Media soon!


Behind the Sequins: My Life by Shirley Ballas: $17.95 (paperback)

Shirley Ballas has had an incredible career in ballroom dancing. If you only know her as the Strictly Come Dancing head judge or Mark Ballas' mom, you are missing half of the story. Her legendary ballroom competition career is worthy of its own documentary, and scripted series. It's that juicy!

Ballroom: Dance and Glamour by Jonathan S. Marion: $39.25

Jonathan S. Marion is not only a ballroom dancer, but he's also a talented photographer. If you're looking for a coffee table book with gorgeous photographs of ballroom dancers, this is it.

There had to be at least one DWTS gift in here, right? The 11-ounce ceramic mugs come in a variety of color accents and they are dishwasher and microwave safe. Add this novelty item with a package of their favorite coffee and it's a great gift idea!


Ballerina Project by Dane Shitagi: $20.49

Ballerina Project continues to be one of the top-selling dance books around the world. Dane Shitagi shot ballerinas from around the world for 18 years. It's a stunning art book that is a must in any dance fan's library.

Christmas ornaments will also be one of our favorite gifts to give and receive. This beautiful hand-painted figure is created by artist Susan Lordi. The ornament comes with a hand-tag that reads, ”Dancing… Twirling! The magical miracle of life.”

This delicate sterling silver ballet pendant is perfect for the jewelry lover in your life. The pendant also comes with an 18" snake chain and a black velvet pouch for gift giving.


The Relavel Makeup Case Travel Makeup Bag is the best gift for the competition dancer in your life. They have so much gear to travel with and this makeup bag keeps everything from mascara to hair accessories organized. It comes in several color options and as of Nov. 21, there is a 20% off coupon available before you add the order to your shopping cart — don't forget to check the box under the price!

Dream Crazy Big: The JoJo Siwa Story by Katy Sprinkel: $9.99

While we have a ton of fantastic children's books listed on our main gift guide, there is no one bigger than JoJo Siwa for the tween set. Yes, her colorful, over-the-top personality might seem like a lot to take in, but this young woman is one of the best role models out there in the dance industry. She's worked hard for her success and she's humble about her rise to the top.

As a kid, we loved stocking stuffers and this pink velvet dance scrunchie by Sportybella is the cutest item for a dancer. Who knew that an '80s and '90s trend would make its way back in 2020?

Dance Fitness:

If there's anything that a pandemic taught us is that we don't always need the gym to work out. Virtual instruction and classes became a big part of fitness in 2020. If you are looking for something fun that won't make you feel like you are working out, try Joseph Corella's 567 BROADWAY! A New Musical Workout. It will make your Broadway dreams come true... and get you fit at the same time.

This is more of an investment piece when it comes to home workouts, but if you know you aren't going back to the gym anytime soon, this is a worthy purchase. Whether it's a ballet class or a barre workout, this multipurpose piece of equipment can make a bit difference in strength and flexibility.

What's great about this easy-to-assemble home gym is that it is perfect for someone who lives in tight quarters, but still wants to get in a daily strength and toning workout. It comes with a DVD with exercises by DWTS alum, Marie Osmond, that are easy to follow along for any exercise level.

Before you go, don't miss our recent interview with So You Think You Can Dance All-Star Alex Wong.

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