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How ‘Dance Moms’ Star Nia Sioux Is Navigating The Next Stage Of Her Career

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

2018 is a big year for Nia Sioux. She kicked off the year with a new website, a brand new video and the legacy she helped create along with the cast of Dance Moms

“I’ve been under this Dance Moms umbrella and now it feels like, for the first time, that I'm free. I can do whatever I want. So I've been just exploring everything really,” says Sioux during an exclusive set visit with Dance Dish in December. 

Exploring new ideas was something the 16-year-old decided to do with choreographer Kristin McQuaid, who had worked with Sioux throughout the years. Together they came up with a dance concept video to Halsey’s “Walls Could Talk.”

The choreography shows a more mature and emotional side of Sioux, who is ready to show the world her next chapter.

“I wanted to do another dance video. I hadn't done one in a while and I wanted to make it special. I had just watched Halsey’s concert and it felt like we should make it a dark piece,” explains Sioux. “Kristin came up with the story and I let her take over the creative part of it because I'm running around doing school and everything.”

For McQuaid, it was an easy decision to work with Sioux again.

“I always find myself coming back and wanting to work with Nia. You know you always find people you want to work with again and Nia is one of those people,” says McQuaid. “She just has that passion, the heart and that drive that you don’t find with anyone else.”

Joining the dynamic duo was director, cameraman and editor Ryan Parma, who is well known in the dance world for his outstanding creative work. He was thrilled to be working on this project with Sioux and McQuaid.

“Nia is such a hard worker and I love that she will take my direction and apply it. She will do whatever she can to bring something new to the take while still making sure it has a natural kind of repetition,” shares Parma. “I love her dedication to her craft. You know she’s working hard to push herself as an actress, a performer and a dancer, too.”

Parma’s work has also been on display with his recent Grace VanderWaal collaborations with McQuaid for “Light The Sky” and “Moonlight.” There’s an unspoken element to their work now since they know each other’s creative rhythm so well.

“Kristin and I love to be creative. My favorite part is working on a project and she'll ask for something to see if I can do it,” he explains. “She's also not afraid to let the idea change and morph into what it should become.”

As a result of the trio’s synergy, the “Walls Could Talk“ video showcases the best of Sioux. Her development as a performer is on display, as is her educated approach to her career. 

“My mom and dad always say, ‘No one can take away your education.’ So I'm the kind of person who wants to do what I love, but I also like to learn as well,” says Sioux. “So I always try to do my best in school.”

She’s not ruling out schools like Columbia University, Carnegie Mellon or the University of Southern California, but college is definitely on her bucket list. Otherwise, she’s exploring a journey where she’s open to her next adventure. 

“Anything with performing, anything with the arts — I’m just in love with,” she sums up. “So I just want to keep on growing and just seeing where everything takes.”

The sky’s the limit for this one. Just watch.


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