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From 'Joika' to 'The White Swan,' Ballet Star Joy Womack Is Ready to Share Her Life Story

Even with COVID-19 keeping the arts from achieving its full potential in 2020, that's not holding back Joy Womack's big plans. The Boston Ballet artist not only has a feature film based on her life story in the works, but she also has a documentary coming out in 2021.

In Joika, Thomasin McKenzie (Jojo Rabbit) will be playing Womack. The actress is training in ballet in preparation for the early 2021 filming start date in New Zealand. Womack even played a role in suggesting dance educators to keep McKenzie in dance shape during filming.

For fans looking for a more raw view of Womack's life, the documentary is going to offer a years-long perspective of her time in Russia as one of the first Americans offered a contract at The Bolshoi Ballet Academy. Both Joika and Joy Womack: The White Swan participated in the recent Cannes Marché du Film and garnered lots of buzz for Womack's story.

Dance Dish caught up with Womack as she was quarantining at her boyfriend's ranch in New Mexico. She's spent her time publishing a cookbook, Vegan Mood, filled with recipes influenced by her world travels as a performer. She also shares the challenges of training during the stay-at-home orders and what the upcoming films about her life story means to her.


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