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Behind the Scenes with 5 'World of Dance' Acts

The World of Dance season is racing to the finish line this summer, but the show takes a temporary pause this week with a rerun. Viewers will see the first round of The Duels again and a fresh episode will drop on Tuesday, July 14 with the second round of The Duels and the Redemption Round.

To keep up with the first six weeks, the World of Dance Studios Aftershow has interviewed some of your favorite acts from Season 4. It's a good time to catch up with how each choreographer and act approached doing the show — everyone has a different strategy.

Manny Castro: 305:

Manny Castro's dancers always bring energy to their Latin dances, but the judges wanted to see more from them. Castro had some ideas for the group he hand-picked to do the show this season. Their Callback was much stronger than their Qualifiers number and they are now headed to The Duels.

Andrea Astuto: Styles & Emma:

Ballet never fares as well in competition on World of Dance, but Styles & Emma have showcased their technique and chemistry through Andrea Astuto's choreography. While JLo and Ne-Yo picked Kurtis Sprung to move to the next round, the duo is still eligible for the Redemption Round. Will tWitch pick them to battle another act?

Géométrie Variable:

This trio from France has the most unique style we have seen yet this season. Tutting falls under the vast hip-hop umbrella, but their foundation is in freestyle. Even if they aren't moving their feet as quickly as other acts, take a look at how complex their choreography is with the shapes and arm movement. It's not easy.

Shannon Mather: MDC3

This trio has grown up together, so they have the luxury of having long-established trust and connection. They easily sailed through The Qualifiers and are promising a never-seen-before moment in The Duels. What does that mean? Choreographer Shannon Mather has something big up her sleeve.

Molly Long: Project 21

No one dominates the convention/competition scene the way Molly Long's dancers do. They consistently place at the top and they have developed quite a following. Long talks about her approach in doing the show and whether she would audition her dancers for World of Dance in future seasons now that they are out of the competition.


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