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Jenna Dewan Dances into Netflix's 'Soundtrack'

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

UPDATE: This article was updated as of Dec. 3 with the new trailer.

This December is the month of Jenna Dewan. She has not only one, but two new series making its way to your televisions and laptops. It's also important to note that dance fans won't see any of the big three dance shows — World of Dance, Dancing With the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance — for at least six months. So we are here to get you through the dry spell with some fun dance and music-based series.

Here's what you need to know about Netflix's Soundtrack:

1. What's It About?: The contemporary show is about a group of young adults living in Los Angeles. Their lives are connected through dance and music, which also means a lot of drama because it's billed by Netflix as "feel-good, emotional, romantic." Besides Jenna, the show also stars Paul James, Madeline Stowe and Callie Hernandez.

2. Rocky History: The show was originally called Mixtape. It was ordered as a pilot by FOX in January 2018. After the pilot was shot, FOX passed on it in May 2018. The producers shopped the project elsewhere and found a new home for it on Netflix in July 2018.

3. World of Dance: With the shuffling of networks, this forced star Jenna Dewan into an undesirable position. With Season 3 of World of Dance unexpectedly shuffled to a Fall 2018 taping and Soundtrack moving networks, she couldn't do both. Since the time had already been carved out for Soundtrack, Jenna was forced to drop World of Dance. Access Hollywood co-anchor Scott Evans replaced her on World of Dance for Season 3.

4. Choreographer: Choreographer James Alsop is handling the movement for this series. James has choreographed for Beyoncé, Janelle Monáe and Lady Gaga. James has also made a huge wave with the church scene in the short film, In This Life, with Robbie Fairchild. To see a behind-the-scenes look at Soundtrack, check out James' Instagram page.

5. When to Watch: Soundtrack drops on Netflix on Wednesday, Dec. 18 with 10 episodes. You will be able to spend the Christmas holiday binging Season 1 in between gift wrapping and holiday parties. If you need more Jenna Dewan, her second series, Flirty Dancing, premieres on Sunday, Dec. 29. Get the inside scoop on that series here.

**Updates will be added to this article as the news on Soundtrack breaks.


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