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JoJo Gomez Has Total Confidence In Tinashe Doing ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

At only 25, JoJo Gomez is well-known in the dance industry for her energetic classes and choreography. She's worked with artists like Demi Lovato, Charlie Puth and the Backstreet Boys, but it's her association with Tinashe that's drawing all of the attention lately.

JoJo participated in the 7th-anniversary celebration of Tiffany Billing's Club Jeté on Wednesday. She was one of the featured choreographers on the program where she explained to Dance Dish the feeling about the work she was putting out there on the stage.

"I am all about performance and channeling your inner superstar, so all of my dancers — not only are they professional working dancers, but they are incredible within their execution and their performance... and they're hot," JoJo enthusiastically shared.

That inner superstar emotion she was projecting through movement was a tribute to her friend, Tinashe.

"I've choreographed for Tinashe and she's an amazing, amazing dancer — and that's why she inspires me so much. It's a tribute to her," she explained. "She's been a dancer her whole life and it's great to see her support for the dance community. She's always a supporter of me and my work, so it's cool to have this moment to honor her."

JoJo is completely confident in Tinashe's abilities as she tackles Season 27 of Dancing with the Stars as one of 13 celebrity contestants. She knows that the singer, and her pro partner Brandon Armstrong, are going to be the stars of the season.

"I feel like I don't need to give her advice. She's a star," JoJo shared. "She's so committed, whether she's recording a song or dancing in a music video or onstage. She's passionate about what she does, so you don't have to pull something out of her — it's already invested in her soul and her execution."

Tinashe is coming to the competition with a high-level of dance skill, but is the performer ready to open up emotionally? Viewers know it's an important part of the DWTS journey.

"She's one of my favorite artists I've ever worked with because she's passionate," JoJo confirmed. "She puts her heart into it, so she's an emotional soul."

While Tinashe is one to watch on Season 27 of DWTS, JoJo is one to watch on the dance scene. She's already accomplished more than many who have been working in the industry for decades.

"I'm from a rural area of Massachusetts, it's unbelievable how far my career has taken me," she shared. "What has helped me is not just my talent, but I don't take no for an answer. I am super hard working and I was always an underdog. I wanted it so badly and I never let fear overtake and overpower my love for what I do."

That love for her work shines through as she hits the next stage in her career and her personal life.

"My passion for dance helped me achieve my self-confidence and accept myself for who I am. It's been a struggle, but I can finally say I love myself through dance," JoJo summed up.


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