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Let's Get Ready for Season 17 of 'So You Think You Can Dance'

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

It's official! So You Think You Can Dance has been picked up for Season 17. We were a little nervous because the renewal announcement came later than prior seasons, but FOX has assured dance fans that their favorite summer series is back.

Cat Deeley will continue to host the show and Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and Laurieann Gibson are back at the judges' table. Dance Network has learned that Dominic "D-Trix" Sandoval will not be returning for Season 17.

The Producer Round auditions are slated to take place in three cities this year — Miami on March 19 and 20, New York City on March 28 and 29 and Los Angeles on April 4 and 5. From there selected contestants will go on to the Judges' Round auditions in Los Angeles. The tentative dates are May 26-June 3. 

With the excitement of a new season ahead of us, it's time to take a closer look at who we would love to see audition for SYTYCD this year. We've added some familiar faces, along with a few fresh names to the mix. 

1. D'Angelo Castro:

D'Angelo is well-known to dance-competition audiences for his time on America's Got Talent and World of Dance. Now that the pesky NBC non-compete clause is out of the way from World of Dance, let’s hope the 2019 Senior Male winner at The Dance Awards in Orlando has SYTYCD on his radar. His family has fantastic experience on the show with his sister, Ruby, making it to the Top 10 on Season 13, and his cousin, Benjamin, on the show last year. 

2. Sumi Oshima:

Sumi made it into the Top 10 girls in Season 16, but she fell just short of making it to the cast. The judges wanted her to get out of her head and show more emotion. This could be a great year for the popper, and don’t miss her Instagram collaborations with another favorite dancer we would love to see return, Dezi Saenz.  

3. Vivan Ruiz:

The current Senior Female winner at The Dance Awards in Orlando and World of Dance alumni, Vivian would be the perfect contender for the Miami auditions. She's also well-prepared for the show as her teacher Victor Smalley is a Season 6 SYTYCD alum.

4. Vlad Kvartin:

Vlad made it to the Top 10 boys in Season 16 and he is also a former Dancing with the Stars troupe member. Could this be his year on the show? SYTYCD always needs a great ballroom dancer and he did hint to Dance Dish that he might audition again.

5. Brandon Talbott:

SYTYCD hasn’t had a contemporary ballet or a ballet contestant since Season 12 with Jim Nowakowski and Darion Flores. Brandon is the perfect person to fill that spot. He had a strong audition last season with Kaeli Ware and managed to secure a spot in the Top 10 boys. Let’s hope he’s back representing a style that deserves recognition on the show.

6. Sydney Burtis:

We all know that Nigel loves his tap contestants and Sydney wowed him in the Judges' Round last year. While tappers have held a spot on the show on the most recent seasons, Season 13 with Emma Hellenkamp was the last time we saw a female tapper represented. Let’s hope Sydney decides to come back. 

7. Dustin Payne:

Dustin has been a SYTYCD fan-favorite for a long time. In Season 15, he made the Top 10 boys, but didn’t make it to the later rounds in Season 16. In the off-season, he’s been working with choreographer Jennifer Weber and touring with her Hip-Hop Nutcracker production. Viewers would love to see his dancing back on their TV screens because he’s always one to root for. 

8. Chloe Mihacevich:

Dance Dish first met Chloe during the Season 1 run of World of Dance with her sisters, Madeline and Lainey. Chloe is finally age-eligible to audition for the show. Her strong, but emotional style of contemporary dance is exactly what SYTYCD looks for. So we are crossing our fingers that she is ready for her close-up.

Who would you love to see audition for Season 17 of So You Think You Can Dance?


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