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Season 26 of ‘Dancing With The Stars’: 6 Questions for Britt Stewart

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Season 26 of Dancing With the Stars begins on Monday, April 30, but Dance Dish wanted to ask the pros from Pro Dance Camp what they were looking forward to the most this season. We asked them six questions for Season 26 — our second dance superstar is Britt Stewart.

Britt has been with DWTS since Season 23 as a troupe member, but dance fans know she kicked off her professional dance career with the High School Musical trilogy. She’s appeared in films like FameLa La Land and Teen Beach Movie and toured with Katy Perry during her Prismatic World Tour. She will next be seen on Hit the Floor on BET as the new Devil Girl named Harper.

Here are our six questions for Britt:

Dance Dish: What are you going to continue to do in Season 26 that served you well in Season 25?

Britt Stewart: One thing I am learning to do, and I want to continue to do, is engage with the audience. I think it’s really fun and it started with tour where I got to know everybody. I was able to see that continue through Season 25 and it was awesome.

DD: What’s the one thing you would like to improve upon for Season 26?

Britt: Sometimes I get in my head, especially with the show being a live reality show — you have one shot to do something. I need to go in with the mentality that what just happened was meant to happen, I did that best that I could do in that moment and that is OK. Whatever I left on the floor is exactly what it was supposed to be. I judge myself harder than anyone else.

DD: If you were Co-Executive Producer Deena Katz and could cast three athletes, whom would you pick for Season 26?

Britt: Because the Olympics are fresh: Shaun White. Also, Stephen Curry. Of course, Adam Rippon. I think he would be so fun. 

DD: Tell us the one dance from any season that you would never redo because you loved how it turned out.

Britt: The last troupe bumper we did in the finale was fun. I thought that was great! [You can watch that bumper on her Instagram page.]

DD: Is there one dance you would love to redo?

Britt: Yep! I did this Jive bumper with Brandon [Armstrong] and Alan [Bersten] in Season 24. It was really fun. In the end, we did this trick — Alan launched me over his head backward and I did a toe touch and landed in Brandon’s arms. He popped me up afterward. In the end, I had this moment of getting my balance and trying to find my camera. [She laughs.]

DD: What are you most excited for DWTS fans to see on Hit the Floor?

Britt: I’m excited for everyone to see all of the new things that are happening in the show. The fans haven’t seen the show in two years since it was on VH1. There are so many things happening — two of our main characters aren’t there. In the first few episodes, we have a lot of catching up to do. We have new leads. 

The dances will give the audience something different than what they saw two years ago. Since we are on BET, it’s a little edgier. We give you that NBA with a little bit of edge. 

Michael Rooney is our choreographer and Teyana Taylor is our new main Devil Girl — so bringing her vibe and energy into it is great. She’s a dancer, but not a trained dancer. The choreography caters to her while keeping the Devil Girl vocabulary. It was a challenge for Michael, but he nailed it.


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