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Skai Jackon is Performing Better Than Her Scores on 'Dancing With the Stars'

Dancing With the Stars kicked off Disney Night with the most confounding scores for the second week in a row for Skai Jackson. The Bunk'd star did a Princess and the Frog Jive to the song, "Almost There."

Alan Bersten always choreographs a strong Jive packed with content for his partners. The kicks and flicks are evident and she's dancing on the balls of her feet. So where did the judges find only sixes for her?

There's always room for improvement on any dance, so we can't discount the fact that her kicks and flicks could have been sharper and her knees could have been higher. Yet the judges found so many nit-picky details, it was hard to believe we watched the same dance.

It's tough being in the first half of the show because scores tend to stay lower, but at least one paddle with a seven on it could have been raised during this dance. If this was just a one-week blip on the radar, we would just chalk it up to her first position placement in the show flow — but we know what happened last week.

That slip on confetti, along with the most magnificent hair grab and recovery, caused the judges to give Jackson and Bersten straight fives across the board. While a mishap might dock a contestant a point, the total score of 15 just doesn't make sense when the duo didn't miss a beat.

The most amazing part of this scoring saga is the fact that Jackson is handling it with the best attitude. She takes the notes, goes back to the studio and does the work. We are the ones left shaking our heads at the judges asking why they are so hard on her. She has the potential to make it to the finale, so please don't diminish her spirit.

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