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The Major Ways Debbie Allen Inspired Chloe & Maud Arnold

Chloe and Maud Arnold have made a huge impact on the tap community with their all-female crew, Syncopated Ladies. Their success wouldn't have been possible without an entertainment industry giant like Debbie Allen.

"She has taught us so much that we carry with us. For example, one thing we joke about a lot is that you can't be tired when you trained with Debbie Allen," said Chloe."

"She doesn't sleep," joked Maud.

Chloe continued, "She's doing 10 million things more and..."

"And she's 70," Maud chimed in. 

"It's so great, especially since it's Women's History Month, which sadly we've gotten away from right now. But she is the epitome of how an empowered woman lives, looks, acts like and does," said Chloe. "She's not stopping for the paradigm of what a woman does at 70. She's living her best, full life."

Chloe and Maud have looked to Debbie for guidance in these stressful times of uncertainty.

"We've been in touch with her a lot during this time to encourage one another. Like I said, inspire, build, share ideas, work as a team. There's no competition. There are billions of people here. Billions of people want to dance. We collectively can help shift the industry so that there's more possibility." 

Chloe also made a good point that it wasn't just them whose careers have been inspired by Debbie, it's industry giants over the years in Hollywood.

"She is one like no other. Her success is so immense. People like Prince, Michael Jackson reached out to her for advice. She is so iconic. And in every turn and in every step and in every day of her life, she is giving to make someone's life better."

Chloe and Maud Arnold will be teaching the first-ever Global Tap Festival on Saturday, March 28. Visit their website for registration information. 


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