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The Mihacevich Sisters Leap to Success on 'World of Dance'

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

There is something that World of Dance is doing so very right. Each week, they are delivering someone whose work I already love. This week, it was Ian Eastwood and the Young Lions.

Just when I’m settling into a groove of one of my favorite dancers, WOD throws me for a loop. I feel like they are calling out to me saying... if you like Ian then take a look at this. That’s how I felt when The Mihacevich Sisters hit the screen this week.

While I was at World of Dance Live at Universal CityWalk last Sunday, I missed their performance, but I had the opportunity to chat with them backstage. After being charmed by Madeline, 17, Chloe, 15, and Lainey, 12, in person, I was thrilled to see their World of Dance episode did not disappoint.

World of Dance may be delivering some of the favorite top talents in the industry, but they are also introducing us to new acts who deserve this platform, too. While some acts were invited to come on the show, The Mihacevich Sisters, who are based out of Cleveland, Ohio, submitted a video and questionnaire online back in August 2016.

“My mom got a call a month later and they asked us to come to the Chicago callback. We prepared two new routines for the Chicago callback a few weeks later and then they called us a few months after that asking us to sign a contract,” Madeline says. “They said there was a possibility we could be on the show. Eventually, they confirmed that they wanted us on the show.”

The rapid pace of WOD was definitely a learning curve for the girls because they had to find unity as siblings and dancers — all while under the spotlight and pressure of the show.

“One thing the show taught us was learning how to work together and work quickly because we had very little time to prepare for the show. We had to learn to cooperate — usually we do — but when we are in a hurry, we start fighting with each other,” laughs Madeline.

It was a huge learning experience for the trio because they are not Los Angeles-based like many of the other competitors. Working on a TV set gave them a glimpse into the commercial dance world.

“It was great to be on the set and see how the filming worked. The whole experience was amazing, especially to be included with the other dancers,” explains Madeline.

The Mihacevich Sisters continue on to the next round where they will compete with other contestants in their division and face off in “The Duels” on the June 20th episode.


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