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The 'World of Dance' Secret I've Been Keeping From You

There's a secret I've been sitting on since the Creative Arts Emmys last September. I have known about one of the acts since that time because of a red carpet interview I did with Melvin Timtim. Melvin was one of the nominees for Outstanding Choreography for Variety or Reality Programming for his Season 2 work with S-Rank on World of Dance. When I first interviewed him back in October 2018 on To The Pointe, we talked about whether he would return to the show.

More: Let's Get Ready for Season 4 of 'World of Dance' "I actually want to do a trio because I've done so many different ways with teams," he said in the interview. "I want to do something little. I want to do something small and see where my brain takes it." When I saw him at the Creative Arts Emmys red carpet in 2019, I wanted to follow-up on his dreams of returning to the World of Dance stage. He gave me the scoop of a lifetime.

"It's on top of my head. I think people might see me choreographing for a couple next season... for Bailey (Sok) and Kida (Burns)," he shared.

Record scratch, what?!! That's how hot that scoop was. If you notice in the background, his manager, Cheyenne Kibblewhite, hears what we are talking about and jumps in to hilariously shush us both. Melvin was excited about the news, and I don't blame him. The news couldn't be released for a variety of reasons, starting with NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) contestants sign for the show. It's not worth getting any contestant or choreographer in trouble. They could have been yanked off the Season 4 roster because of a breach like that and I certainly wasn't going to be a part of jeopardizing an incredible opportunity for anyone just for scoop.

So I sat on the news until today when NBC released the promo clip of Kida and Bailey dancing together in the audition round. Even though we had released most of Melvin's interview last September, it was time to dust off the secret clip and share it with all of you.

World of Dance returns to NBC on Tuesday, May 26 at 10 p.m. ET.


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