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10 Consecutive Years of Travis Wall's Outstanding Choreography Emmy Nominations

Since 2011, choreographer Travis Wall has been on the list of nominees for Outstanding Choreography. That's 10 consecutive years of incredible work on both So You Think You Can Dance and his 2012 nomination for Dancing with the Stars. The only choreographer to beat his impressive 10 nominations is Debbie Allen, but her 11 nominations span over several decades — making both artists record-breakers in the dance industry.

To celebrate this Emmy achievement, Dance Dish has compiled all of his Emmy-nominated and Emmy-winning pieces in one location. Enjoy 10 years of Travis Wall magic and artistry — and marvel at how his style has taken shape and how his choreographic voice has matured.

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2011: So You Think You Can Dance


"Fix You"

"How It Ends"

2012: Dancing with the Stars

"Without You" (Nominated with Teddy Forance and Nick Lazzarini)

2013: So You Think You Can Dance

"Where The Light Gets In"

"Without You"

"Unchained Melody"

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2014: So You Think You Can Dance

"Hanging By A Thread"

"Wicked Game"


2015: So You Think You Can Dance-WINNER

"Wave," "When I Go" and "Wind Beneath My Wings"

2016: So You Think You Can Dance

"Gimme All Your Love"


"Beautiful Friends"

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2017: So You Think You Can Dance-WINNER

"The Mirror"

"Send In The Clowns"

"She Used To Be Mine"

2018: So You Think You Can Dance

"Change Is Everything"

"Strange Fruit"

2019: So You Think You Can Dance

"It Takes A Lot To Know A Man"

"Glass Heart Concerto"

2020: So You Think You Can Dance

"Enough Is Enough, Sign Of The Times"


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