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Why Travis Wall's 10th Consecutive Emmy Nomination Hits Hard

In a year that has given us the pandemic, massive unemployment and an unsettle nation, celebrating your 10th consecutive Emmy nomination can be hard to do. For choreographer Travis Wall, it's been even harder to mark such a special occasion given the fact he lost his brother, Danny Tidwell, in a car accident in March.

Yet the two-time Emmy winner for Outstanding Choreography is finding small ways to wrap his brain around the incredible accomplishment. Only dance legend Debbie Allen has more nominations — 11 in total — but her accomplishments happened in different decades. It's quite a feat at only 33 years of age to have set a record like this.

Wall spent much of last year in New York City working on the Off-Broadway show, The Wrong Man, which he won a Lucille Lortel Award for Outstanding Choreographer. He's now in the process of moving back to Los Angeles since Broadway won't be fully operational until mid-to-late 2021. What's in store for the talented artist next? Watch the interview to find out!

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