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tWitch & Allison Holker's Dance for Kids Charity Shines a Bright Light

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

On Saturday, So You Think You Can Dance alums Allison Holker and Stephen “tWitch” Boss proved why they are the best ambassadors of dance in the industry. The couple hosted the Dance For Kids Holiday Party to benefit patients at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, which naturally involved the best of their world — dance.

“We wanted to do something memorable and involved the dance community. We also wanted to show these kids, it’s about love, support and having a good time,” Holker told Dance Dish. “These kids need to have a joyous time and get their groove on during the holidays.”

“Dance is incredible because it bridges something that everyone enjoys — physical movement in celebration form and music,” Boss added. “When you pair those two together, we are giving back just by being here.”

Celebrating along with the Boss family and the CMN pediatric patients were many recognizable faces, including DWTS troupe member Brittany Cherry, DWTS Season 18 runner-up Amy Purdy, actor Dean Cain, the kid cast from This Is Us and former Bachelorette star Ali Fedotowsky.

Dance Dish caught up with some familiar faces in the dance community and got their thoughts on dance and the incredible event was thrown by Holker and Boss. 

SYTYCD All-Star Comfort Fedoke, who is still beaming with joy from a successful fun on the show with partner Tahani Anderson, is looking forward to doing more choreography in 2017 and pairing up again with Missy Elliot. She had some great ideas about dance for the year ahead. 

“The fact that as dancers, we are artists and artistic directors. We get to visually speak our truth, so we take all the pain we see in the world and put it into our dance and videos,” she says. “It’s a different way of expressing it. I think it heals the world and brings everyone together.”

Holker’s Season 23 DWTS partner, Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds was in attendance with his family. He developed a lovely friendship with Holker, but the experience was a challenging one for the successful music producer. 

He admitted to Dance Dish that he enjoyed the physical aspect of DWTS, but the show was “so nerve-wracking” — he experienced nerves he never knew he had. 

“It’s one of the best-done shows I’ve ever seen,” he says. “To be a part of it and see how much they have to do in the time they have to do it, it’s an amazing show.”

Former Pussycat Dolls member Ashley Roberts was thrilled to be in attendance because “dance is a celebration of life.” She summed up the feelings of the Children’s Miracle Network event best when talking about the importance of music and dance.

“Music and dance are an outlet,” she explains. “It does not look for any shape, size, race, whatever it is you believe in. There’s a song, there’s a dance for you.”

For more information on the campaign and to donate to the cause, visit


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