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How 2019 Shaped the Dance Industry

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

What a year it's been in dance. The TV dance shows all made their mark in some way. World of Dance got the well-deserved Emmy nominations and win for Outstanding Choreography this year. So You Think You Can Dance had its first brother and sister competing in the same season and its first B-boy winner. Dancing with the Stars came back after a rough Season 27 to deliver a stronger cast and steady ratings.

The dance community also opened up wider discussions about #BoysDanceToo and how to break down the male stereotypes in ballet. Sexual harassment also became a hot topic and it's an issue that needs to be tackled even further on the studio and convention level in 2020 and beyond.

The year also brought us a new dance-dating show, Flirty Dancing, which also revealed a possible strategy of ABC and FOX building a portfolio of choreographers. It's a smart move since NBC now counts Derek and Julianne Hough and Mandy Moore on their talent roster.

We also set up an end-of-year dance survey for readers to chime in about the industry in 2019 and the results were fascinating. It was great to see how dance fans responded to the dancers, choreographers and special moments throughout the year. Take a look at the results.

2019 Breakout Dancer: Bailey Muñoz, winner of Season 16 on So You Think You Can Dance

Runner-up: Daniella Karagach, Dancing with the Stars & Derek Hough Live! Tour

2019 Breakout Choreographer: Robert Roldan, So You Think You Can Dance

Runner-up: KC Monnie, So You Think You Can Dance

Pasha Pashkov, Dancing with the Stars

Favorite Dance Moment of 2019: Derek Hough Live! Tour

Runner-up: #BoysDanceToo

Favorite To The Pointe Episode of 2019: Jeff Thacker, Mandy Moore and Robert Roldan

Runner-up: Alan Bersten

Your Dance Wish for 2020: New judging panel on Dancing with the Stars

These answers were sampled over my social media accounts, Patreon page and email list during the holiday season. What's fascinating is that the answers don't necessarily demonstrate what happened in terms of the most popular views on To The Pointe. The Top 10 Most Popular episodes reflect a very different dance audience.

A mad fight to the finish for the 10th position between World of Dance's Suresh Mukund, So You Think You Can Dance All-Star Melanie Moore and DWTS pro Daniella Karagach. Daniella had it locked up until the last moment when Suresh swooped in to steal the spot.

Kamri Peterson is the youngest dancer on this list and from a show that no longer exists, Dancing with the Stars: Juniors. Let's make a plea to Disney + to pick up again!

Season 3 on World of Dance made a big impact on our guest list. Julian Guzman and Charlize Glass have a strong fan base that continues beyond their time on the show.

It was no surprise that Briar Nolet made this list. She's wildly popular from her time on the Canadian show, The Next Step, and her social media presence is powerful.

Sienna Lalau's story is a fascinating one since she's so young, supporting her family and living out her dreams as one of the choreographers for Season 2 World of Dance winners, The Lab. She went out on tour with Jennifer Lopez in 2019 as well.

The only So You Think You Can Dance entry this year, but a winner who charmed America with his jaw-dropping solos. That ride continued out on tour with the Season 16 cast this fall. What will Bailey Muñoz's next steps be?

This was the most authentic interview of the year. Audrey Lane-Partlow and Mia Mugavero revealed what a struggle it was for them to do World of Dance. From a lack of rehearsal time to some personality differences, they were so real about their journey on the show. Mia later shared that their friendship is stronger than ever after that wild ride.

Our very first To The Pointe episode of 2019 and it held strong all year. Tre De Rego of The Lab came from a New Year's Eve performance in Times Square to kick off 2019 with us.

Alan Bersten had the biggest rise in popularity in 2019. He came off a successful Season 27 Top 4 run with Alexis Ren on DWTS and translated that into a Season 28 Mirrorball Trophy win with Hannah Brown.

Well, well, well... DWTS producers leave Artem Chigvintsev off the roster for Season 28, but he still comes out on top in 2019. This interview happened before all of the fall controversies, but it proves Artem has an international audience that is very loyal. Maybe a Season 29 return is in the cards?

What was your favorite 2019 dance moment? Share with us on our Facebook group: Dance Dish with KB.


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