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What Exactly Does "Bigger Celebrities" Mean to 'Dancing With the Stars?'

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

With the announcement of the Season 28 Dancing With the Stars cast less than a week away, it's time to really reflect on what ABC means when they talk about "bigger stars." Does that mean the biggest stars the show has ever seen or just bigger names than we've seen in the past few seasons?

It's probably more realistic to say that it's bigger names than we've seen in a while. While fans want to see A-list talent on the show, those A-listers have never been a part of DWTS' DNA. With Season 28 on the horizon, it's about keeping the show fresh with the most recognizable names possible.

On Saturday, the DWTS official Instagram account revealed a photo that sure looks like Bachelorette Hannah Brown. This would coincide with Reality Steve's confirmation that she's participating in the show.

Hannah as a DWTS contestant is a better choice than a Bachelor contestant, a casting choice viewers have seen over and over again. In a controversial Bachelorette season, she's proven to be authentic and extremely likable, and fans haven't seen a Bachelorette star compete on the show since Trista Sutter in Season 1.

What viewers do have to remember is that she's not outside of ABC's comfort zone. She's in the Disney family and she fits into the reality star category the show likes to fill.

The other contestant reveal also involves a reality show star. On Friday, DWTS released a photo with very-easy-to-guess clues on Instagram, which pointed directly to Queer Eye's Karamo Brown. This welcome news also divulges better representation in casting. Having a black openly gay man as a contestant on a show that has a more conservative audience is important in 2019.

Dance Dish also confirmed that DWTS seriously considered a same-gender couple for Season 28. They wanted a specific dance talent to join the pro ranks and lead the way with this idea. While the schedules didn't work out for Season 28, both sides seem to be open to the possibility in a future season.

The official cast reveal is on Wednesday, Aug. 21 on Good Morning America and viewers will see how serious ABC is in trying freshen up a network staple. Are you ready for Season 28? Dancing With the Stars sure is.


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