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When Will the 'Dancing With the Stars' Two-Celeb Reveal Happen?

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Dancing With the Stars was ready to reveal two celebrities on Monday, Aug. 5 for Season 28 on Good Morning America. Fans on the East Coast were caffeinated and ready to go, while fans on the West Coast fired up Twitter to get the inside scoop.

Given the nature of last weekend's tragic events in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, ABC wisely chose to postpone the news. It's extremely difficult for the anchors of GMA to do a 180-degree turn in coverage from somber news to sequins and Mirrorball Trophies. It just doesn't feel right.

With a lot of weight on DWTS' shoulders to deliver a strong season after the Season 27 struggles, this was the right thing to do. Dance Dish emailed ABC Publicity to see if there was a rescheduled date to reveal the two celebrities. It looks like the news is indefinitely postponed — for now.

"Due to breaking news and scheduling, we decided to postpone," wrote the ABC rep. "We don’t have a confirmed date that we are sharing at this time, but will let you know when we do."

With the breaking news situation being very fluid at this time, ABC is probably waiting until the initial shock and sadness subside somewhat. Keep your eyes posted for a rescheduled date, but it sure doesn't look like we are getting the DWTS news on Tuesday, Aug. 6.


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