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Why Chrissy's Socks Are the Next-Level Dancewear Item You Need

With dance having a variety of styles, dancers have to have a variety of footwear to dance in. Pointe shoes, Latin heels, character shoes, tap shoes or sneakers — you name it — a performer has to be prepared for every style at every audition.

In contemporary dance, artists are often barefoot or use socks. If you take a look at shows that feature dance like So You Think You Can Dance, World of Dance or Dance Moms, socks are often the footwear of choice. While brown socks or black socks seem to be the standard, we have found a fun way to mix up the rehearsal studio with bold colors with Chrissy's Striped Socks.

Whether it's a fun way for a dance team to coordinate in their studio's colors or used for costumes, Chrissy's Striped Socks have figured out a way to elevate dancewear. They have made footwear in dance anything but basic.

There are over 100 color combinations and styles to choose from with knee-high and thigh-high styles. The socks are even customizable for that upcoming dance competition or recital.

Chrissy's Socks was founded in 2009 in Michigan, where Made in the USA is an important part of its foundation. The socks are all fur-free as a part of their sustainable fashion policy. Their extensive fur-free mission statement allows consumers to make an informed choice when it comes to purchasing Chrissy's Socks.

With performance season kicking into high gear, take a look at the options that Chrissy's Socks have to offer. They are currently on sale at $9.99 and orders over $50 include free shipping, with most orders shipped within 24 hours.

This should inspire a few costume ideas for your end-of-year show or get you ready for any upcoming holiday... St. Patrick's Day, Fourth of July or even Halloween. If you aren't ready for a costume, they are the cutest accessory to liven up the winter fashion doldrums to wear with your boots.

Check out Chrissy's Striped Socks for your next dance class or Tik Tok video and tell them Dance Dish sent you!



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