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Why NBC Is Amped for 'Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist'

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

This article was updated on Jan. 13.

On Saturday, NBC had its day to share announcements about the upcoming new shows, along with a few teasers about World of Dance. NBC knows it has a big year ahead with the Olympics, which is worth paying attention to since several of the athletes from the Summer Games will wind up on Season 29 on Dancing with the Stars on ABC.

The big news for NBC is the official premiere of Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist on Feb. 16. The network is banking on the fact that the sneak preview is trending well amongst younger viewers.

"There are no rules anymore in how you launch a TV show," said Chairman, NBC Entertainment Paul Telegdy. They are following the model of Glee, which had a preview five weeks before the premiere. The strategy has paid off so far with a big digital push and a strong sampling of the first episode online, which has boosted the initial ratings.

The panel for the show included choreographer/producer Mandy Moore. While this may not be seen as a significant moment, it's a big win in the industry for choreographers. Their presence and input on the set are being recognized as a major part of the production.

Some of the big revelations that came out of the panel included the fact that many of the dance scenes are done in one shot to make it feel like live theatre. Fans can also expect Jane Levy's dance and singing skills to be put to the test in a late-season episode. She will have seven numbers in a one-hour show.

We also have a big feature article coming with Mandy when we get closer to the official show launch on Feb. 16. That will be up on Dance Network.

World of Dance:

Season 4 has been somewhat of a mystery after it received a pickup order in May 2019. The taping schedule is dictated around executive producer and judge Jennifer Lopez's calendar, so it's easy to understand why the season was pushed back a bit. JLo is a frontrunner for an Oscar nomination for Hustlers on Monday, Jan. 13 (Update: She did not receive an Oscar nomination) and is prepping for her Super Bowl halftime performance with Shakira on Feb. 2.

Sources say that taping for the new season will begin sometime after Super Bowl Sunday and the Oscars. While the panel of judges and host is expected to remain the same, there has been no official confirmation yet from NBC.

There are also rumblings of a Derek Hough project outside of World of Dance. Sources are remaining tight-lipped, but Derek referenced it at the Paley Center event in December and there are some familiar "Hough family dancers" involved. It most likely is a part of Derek's first-look deal with NBC.

Live musicals:

Live musicals did not get a lot of love last year after RENT: Live didn't go as planned over at FOX. That debacle subsequently led to NBC canceling Hair in 2019. The network said they are committed to doing them again, but they haven't picked the right property just yet. Let's hope they remember how successful Hairspray: Live! and Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert were for them.


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