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How Do You Book A Guest On 'To The Pointe'?

To The Pointe With Kristyn Burtt

I am so excited that To The Pointe is up and running. We are getting some great feedback about the shows and some terrific guest suggestions. I also wanted to give you guys some insight on how I am booking the shows. The more transparency about what goes on behind the scenes, the better you will understand that this is truly the hardest part of the job.

1. Wish List: I do have a running wish list of guests I would like to interview — and yes, I do take your suggestions to heart. Some of my wish list will probably never appear on my show because their careers need a bigger reach than my show can offer right now, some guests I will target at the right time, some I have recently done articles/interviews with, while others I will be interviewing on a weekly basis beginning in August. There are lots of things to consider when trying to schedule a guest.

2. Scheduling: I am working on a month-to-month basis, so that means I am already into the August calendar. I have to work with agents, publicists, managers, networks and studios to make this all happen. As you know, some networks are more cooperative than others when it comes to promoting their talent in the dance-media world.

Since we are a live show, finding a hole in a very busy choreographer or dancer’s schedule on a Tuesday at 3 p.m. is very tricky. If they are currently on a show that is in production — like So You Think You Can Dance — count them out of the rotation unless there is a lucky break on the calendar or their contestant is voted out. This is definitely a policy that is in heavy enforcement during a Dancing With the Stars season, the pros have very little downtime unless they are off the show.

Kristyn Burtt and Kayla Radomski

3. Timing: Bringing on a guest at the right time is really important. If someone has a project debuting or concluding, it’s great to get them in the studio to get the inside scoop. Sometimes performers are under a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement with the studio, so they can’t talk until a particular date. These are things I have to consider when it comes to booking a guest and this is definitely the reason why the rest of the July guests are coming in at a specific time.

Hopefully, this bit of insider information gives you a better understanding of how it all works. It isn’t easy and it’s where I spend the most time on To The Pointe. As we grow and spread the word about the show, it should get slightly easier, but I appreciate all of you sharing and retweeting the latest episode. It helps make the show stronger and propels our growth.

In the meantime, enjoy the latest episode of To The Pointe with So You Think You Can Dance All-Star, Kayla Radomski!

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