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Can We Make an IMDb Choreography Category Happen in 2020?

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

In February 2019, I wrote an article entitled, "It's Time for IMDb to Give Choreographers Their Own Category." While so many people agreed with the sentiment, no one was leading the charge over making sure choreographers had a separate category on the entertainment site.

That's all changing right now. Choreographer Heather Laura Gray, best known for her work on Riverdale and iZombie, reached out to let me know that she has an official petition to IMDb to move choreographers out of the miscellaneous category and into their own category. The more signatures the petition receives, the more likely IMDb will finally give the artists the credit they deserve.

IMDb directly told Heather that she would need to create this petition in the IMDb Community and garner thousands of votes for it to be considered. I don't need to tell you how ridiculous this thought is in 2020 when choreographers are rising to creative directors, producers, directors and writers in the entertainment industry. However, this is the process and we need your signatures.

Here's how to help:

2. You will need to sign in to vote. You can register with your Google or Facebook account or create a Get Satisfaction account.

3. Click the VOTE button in the upper-right corner.

4. If you have the time, hit the FOLLOW button to get updates on the petition and leave a comment. The more "noise" IMDb sees on the page, the better!

5. Share the link with your fellow dance fans, friends and members of the dance industry.

As I wrote in 2019, "If the TV Academy can expand their understanding of the dance industry, so can IMDb.


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