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'Dancing with the Stars' Casting Categories We Would Love To See

Since Dance Dish declared that Dancing with the Stars Season 29 cast watch is officially on a few weeks ago, we decided to make a few suggestions to round out the cast. While co-executive producer Deena Katz probably has it all under control without our suggestions, we would love to see the categories get shaken up a bit.

Back in December, Variety revealed that DWTS producers were still eyeing Charlie Sheen and hoping to invite back Christie Brinkley, who missed out on Season 28 due to an injury. These are name-worthy suggestions, but there is definitely room for a few fresh ideas to go along with the well-loved categories.

The article mentions that ABC has NFL star Ryan Shazier on their wish list. He has an inspirational story to share after his paralysis and miraculous recovery after a 2017 game injury. While football players are always a sure bet for the show, why not look to other athletes as well?

In this Olympic year, why not look at the U.S. Diving team? Divers are often former gymnasts, gymnasts usually do well on the show and we know divers' toe point is divine. Or better yet, let's take a look at adaptive dance on DWTS. Val Chmerkovskiy has long advocated for inclusion at his Dance We Me Studios, perhaps a Paralympian would love to join the cast?

If ABC is still looking at the Queer Eye cast after Karamo Brown's Season 28 turn, then it's time to have a same-sex couple. The Netflix show has been all about reaching out and opening minds; this is a great brand extension by doing it on DWTS — and it's also overdue.

It would be wonderful if DWTS producers also dusted off the soap star category. We've been a broken record on this since 2017, but General Hospital actors deserve some love and they bring the best fans with them. Let's throw two names in the hat — Finola Hughes and Maurice Benard. Hopefully, someone over at ABC will hear us.

If we are going to dust off a category, let's add a new category with a TikTok star. Hear me out on this because we think it might be an interesting experiment. The social media platform is the hottest medium for dance right now, whether the accounts are run by professional or amateur dancers. Give me someone like Loren Gray, who has the most followers on TikTok, and let's see how she does out there on the ballroom floor.

Finally, let's get one of the RuPaul's Drag Race contestants on the show. After watching Courtney Act come in second place on Season 16 of Dancing with the Stars Australia, we are ready for a magical queen to join DWTS. There have been plenty of drag queens who have openly talked about their willingness to do the show, including Laganja Estranja and Bob The Drag Queen. Let's get moving on this, ABC!

While we are still in the early stages of DWTS Season 29 cast watch, it's not a bad idea to start making a wish list. Take a look at your newsmakers, Olympians, and yes, politicians, to round out that cast. The show will be here before you know it.


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