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Were You Surprised By The 2016 Choreography Emmy Nominees?

Photo credit: ATAS

The Emmys nominations list has been announced and I was proven right: lots of surprises this year. I was proven wrong in that the guy who I thought should win isn't even nominated. Sigh. However, I know we will see more from Zach Woodlee soon. He should be proud of his work in Grease Live!

The other big snub — Pharside and Phoenix, who defined Season 12 of So You Think You Can Dance with their original choreography. I only hope we see more of their creative work in Season 13, there's always another Emmys cycle.

With so many new faces in the mix, we might also see a surprise winner. It proves that dance continues to inspire creativity and that there is room for so many different genres in the entertainment industry. No two nominees are alike this year and I find that refreshing.

The nominees: (Click on the titles to watch each piece)

Anthony Morigerato, So You Think You Can Dance

Travis Wall, So You Think You Can Dance

"Gimme All Your Love" with Jenna Dewan-Tatum

Derek Hough, Dancing With the Stars

Kathryn Burns, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Qwest Crew, America's Best Dance Crew

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