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Top 7 Commercial Dance Interviews of 2020 — Did Your Favorite Make the List?

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

What a year 2020 was! Most of us would rather forget the year and start from scratch in 2021, but there's a lot of work ahead before life gets back to normal — especially for the dance industry. The good news is that shows like Dancing with the Stars were able to make a season happen and Zoom allowed the interviews to continue.

The nature of the pandemic will probably change some things permanently and we will remember the good old days pre-COVID of how we attended the theatre or watched live events. We still don't know if So You Think You Can Dance will return after it was canceled due to safety concerns, Dancing with the Stars will be back for Season 30, but without Tom Bergeron and there's no word on World of Dance since it's hard to do the global show in the middle of a global pandemic.

Yet the arts community is resilient and they still need our help. Whether it is monetary support or just a retweet, these things matter now more than ever. Once we see the bright lights of Broadway shining again, our applause will smack louder and our cheers will resonate more significantly than before. Keep that in mind as we turn the corner to 2021 with a vaccine in sight and a day when we can all gather and enjoy dance together in the same room.

Check out my top interviews from 2020 and let me know what was your favorite — maybe it didn't even make this list!

Jensen Arnold:

This interview occurred early in the pandemic and was my way of finally concluding all of the season 15 So You Think You Can Dance interviews. The popularity of this episode happened later in 2020 when The Arnold Sisters Vlogmas run crept over to our page.


For most of the year, this was my top interview because MDC3 won $1 million on season 4 of World of Dance. It was wonderful to come full circle with choreographer Shannon Mather because we had connected years ago during my early days of covering SYTYCD. Emma Mather, Diego Pasillas and Madi Smith are incredibly talented and we can't wait to watch their careers progress.

Charity Anderson:

This was a fun speed-round segment for World of Dance Studios and it's always to hear the responses. We also did a full interview with Charity Anderson on the same day and we can't wait until Derek Hough's Las Vegas residency can safely open because it will be fantastic to have see them reunited on the stage.

Taylor Sieve & Lex Ishimoto:

We kicked 2020 off with a really powerful interview with Taylor Sieve and Lex Ishimoto. Their insight and maturity toward their dance careers is something the younger generation should pay attention to. This interview will have longevity well beyond 2020 because of their wise words.

Molly Long & Project 21

Choreographer Molly Long is incredibly successful outside of World of Dance, but her style didn't translate with the judges on the show. It made her hesitant to commit to doing another season if it was offered to her. It's a great realization that the TV dance shows are the end-all, be-all for a dance career — there are many other paths to success.

Eva Igo:

Honestly, this list wouldn't be complete without Eva Igo on it. She's been such a huge part of the success of World of Dance and it's always a joy to catch up with her. We first interviewed her on the season 1 tour and we've stayed in touch ever since — we can't wait to see what's next for her.

Audrey Lane-Partlow

Following the journey of Audrey Lane-Partlow has been such a joy! We first met her after her season 3 appearance on World of Dance with Mia Mugavero — one of my most surprising and unexpectedly honest interviews ever. Mia came back solo in late 2019 and Audrey decided to do the same thing in early 2020, we were so happy to see how well they are both doing and that they still remain good friends.


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