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2017 Outstanding Choreography Nominees (VIDEO)

2017 Outstanding Choreography Emmy Nominees

It's Emmys Nominations Day! Here are your 2017 Emmy nominees from three shows: So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing With the Stars and The Real O'Neals. I will do more assessment in the next few days and hopefully answer the question: Why did [insert name] get nominated? There's more to an Emmy nomination than just strong choreography, there's a social game to campaigning that happens all year-long.

Enjoy this year's nominated pieces:

Derek Hough for Dancing With the Stars


Mandy Moore for Dancing With the Stars

Carol of the Bells

On Top of the World

Fred Tallaksen for The Real O'Neals

Born This Way


West Side Story

Travis Wall for So You Think You Can Dance

The Mirror

Send in the Clowns

She Used to be Mine

Mandy Moore for So You Think You Can Dance

Click here--->Unsteady

Click here--->This is Not the End

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