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'SYTYCD' All-Star Comfort Fedoke Shares How Hard It Was To Pick Contestants

Kristyn Burtt and Comfort Fedoke

Every time Comfort Fedoke and I get together we give you a little bit of scoop that you might not have heard elsewhere. If you were paying attention in early February, we revealed that Comfort was an All-Star for Season 14 months before the actual reveal. Oops.

In my latest episode of To The Pointe With Kristyn Burtt, we couldn't talk about the Top 10 contestants, but we gave you a behind-the-scenes look on how hard it was to pick this year. There were contestants a few of the All-Stars all wanted. It turned into a few heated discussions. Will FOX air that part when it comes to Academy Week? We will find out. If not, I will continue to try and get more information on those debates.

If you missed it, my interview with Comfort Fedoke:

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